Rails and Kettlebells

I’m going to delve more into the Dan John 10,000 kettle bell swing challenge.

But first, I want to talk about the importance of contingency plans.

It was a rainy Thursday night. Kristin was driving home from a pretty damn good day, when BLAMMO! Traffic stopped. She watched the light at the intersection ahead run through three cycles while only moving about two car lengths forward.

Few things get me as enraged as getting stuck in traffic. It’s not even necessarily the traffic, but the idiotic things that other people do to try to sneak their way ahead. Dealing with other people driving is like reading YouTube comments. It’s the worst.

It ended up taking me one hour and 15 minutes to get home. A trip that usually takes 30-40 mins. I was angry, frustrated, and very hungry. And I went off the rails.

I dove into a bag of shortbread cookies while I was getting out my dinner supplies.

I ate pre-cooked chicken in spoonfuls directly out of the bulk container while microwaving my dinner portion.

I downed my nightly glass of wine way faster than normal and HAD to refill it.

It ended up being about 600 cals of excess food and drink all said and done. I could have avoided that by not having those damn cookies around (left overs from the holidays) and possibly having some sort of protein granola bar stashed in a drawer to reroute myself towards. It wouldn’t have completely stopped the excess food intake, but it would have mitigated it some.

Also, I didn’t go and “punish” myself by doing more exercise the next day or cutting down on proportions. I just went on with my bad self. Back on track.

Now on to the 10,000 swing challenge. The idea is to do 10,000 kettle bell swings in a month. I’m going for 500 a day Monday through Friday, and I take Saturday and Sunday off. Now, as you can imagine, doing just swings 500 times straight through would be horribly boring, here are the main ways I break it up:

Big sets:
Sets of 70 swings (with one set of 80 at the start or end)
Alternate with two upper body moves, a push and a pull.

All swings, HIIT style:
Minute on, minute off, as many swings as you can until you reach 500

Longest EMOM Ever:
Every minute on the minute for 30 mins
17 swings and 2 pullups (or dips, or whatever)

Favorite EMOM:
In two sessions, over 20 mins
Min 1) 25 swings
Min 2) 10 push ups/ 10 strict toes to bar
Min 3) 25 swings
Min 4) 10 ring rows/ 5 strict pull ups

Each week I’m taking the weight up 4kg, starting conservatively. After all, this is part of my rehab process. So on week 1 I used the 12kg bell. Last week I used the 16kg. This week I’m using the 20kg. The first week was the worst as far as soreness went. My legs had gotten used to being relatively lazy. Week two was bad on the forearms, the bigger bell also has a thicker handle.

So far, yes the swings get boring, but its some sort of structure to base my training around. I love the 2 session EMOM because I can pick four accessory moves, and I sandwich my rehab work (single leg squats, steps ups, hips circles, glue bridges, sled drags, single leg RDLs) between the two sessions.

Feels good to feel some sort of progress!