Leg Update - Barbells!

I was cleared to go back (carefully!) to barbell training yesterday!

I was so happy and excited for that, as I was really expecting the worst. When my leg still looked SO VERY BROKEN at the 6 week mark, and then the doctor told me that tibia fractures often take 6 months to heal, I was hoping for some level of remodeling, but still visible fracture line. We’re at 4 months right now. Well, technically as of Saturday, it will be four months to the day. But who’s counting?

Day of Accident, 6 Weeks, and 4 Months

What I find fascinating is (1) how long the fibula (skinny bone) is taking to remodel and (2) how much more lined up the fibula is now compared to the 6 week mark. I have a few theories on that.

After I started walking with a cane and doing more intense rehab and mobility work around the gym, there were a couple of times I felt a grindy pop from approximately where my fibular fracture is. It didn’t hurt, but it did give me the heebie-jeebies. And I didn’t think much of it because from what I’ve heard, bone setting movement is supposed to hurt like a MoFo.

But then I see these last x-rays, and I’m thinking that perhaps what I was feeling WAS the fibula moving itself into a better position. After all, even though people tell you that it’s “not weight bearing” it does work to allow the ankle it’s full range of motion, some muscles connect to it, and it helps distribute weight during motion.

So I’m getting pretty good at setting my own bones.

That would also explain why it’s so far behind in the healing process. If I basically broke up the callous each time it moved, it would have to start over again. The callous formation now is far more progressed than it was at the 6 week mark, but it’s still obviously just callousing.


The physician’s assistant that worked with me (aside: I seem to always have a better time interacting with PAs over MDs. They’ll actually take the time to fully assess you, talk to you, and think through questions you have.) said that I should be good to start around 200 lbs on the barbell, and progress about 10% every two weeks as tolerable. Always as tolerable.

So I did some celebratory clean and jerks at 133lbs right afterwards! Yay!