mini me update

Basically, nothing is happening. Here is what I’m doing:

  • I’m taking the CrossFit classes at San Francisco CrossFit four times a week with minimal substitutions.
  • I’m eating between 1750 and 1850 calories Monday through Friday and started being more careful on weekends, but not tracking.
  • I’m basically following the rules of “eat until satisfied, but not to discomfort” and “feel hungry for about an hour before eating again.”
  • I’ve added in about 30-45 mins of lifting outside classes since I can and I need to re-groove my movement patterns.

After all this, which has been going on for about three weeks with increasing intensity on the exercise end, I’m still sitting around 170 lbs. More accurately, I start the week around 174 and then end the week around 170. Presumably because of water weight from going off diet over the weekend, and I slowly lose that as the week goes on.

So here is what I’m going to do moving forward:

  • Switching from full fat half-n-half to fat free. I drink so much coffee so that one simple switch will cut about 100 calories a day.
  • Lowering fat and increasing carbs. Now that I’m more active and working at a higher intensity, this ratio needs to adjust accordingly to accommodate fueling and recovery.
  • Being more aware of my weekend eating. This past weekend I did an okay job at not eating to discomfort, so I’m going to put more effort into that front.

And now for the complaining fest:

This sucks.

I’m eating 1,000 calories less on a day to day basis than I was before my accident. That’s a lot of food! I was able to eat until I was stuffed at every meal and I was holding steady at a lean 180 lbs. Eating that much during the week makes eating out less special, so I was never of the mindset that the weekend was a time to “let it slide a little.” I was always stuffed, and never felt the need to chase that sensation.

So to cut my caloric intake so low and see no movement on the scale is very disheartening.

It’s no wonder people give up so fast. My changes weren’t even that big: I’m still eating the same basic things just in smaller portions, so it’s not like I’ve had to make any big changes in my mentality towards meals and exercise. I can only imagine the frustration that someone else, who is suddenly changing the types of food they eat, the volume of food they eat, the frequency they eat, and how much they have to move around.

Next week the ManFriend and I go to Paris for a week. For that time, I’m going to go on a diet hiatus and hit it again when I return.